Konferenz Nationaler Kultureinrichtungen

Guidelines for the Protection of Cultural Property (SiLK)

Security and disaster protection policies for museums, archives and libraries
The Conference of National Cultural Institutions (KNK) has devoted itself to implementing security and disaster protection protocols for museums, archives and libraries since 2005. In October 2006 the KNK hosted an international conference on the topic. The participants discussed numerous aspects, including formal and legal requirements, disaster protection policies and preventative preservation measures. 


At the conference, the participating institutions expressed a need for more detailed information. The KNK responded by creating an online database which serves as a comprehensive reference work and resource for information on all matters related to safeguarding the cultural assets in museums, libraries and archives. The [Guidelines for the Protection of Cultural Property (SiLK)] was made available in 2010 to online users and was finalised in 2012. It contains information on all security-relevant themes.