Konferenz Nationaler Kultureinrichtungen

Schloss Friedenstein (Foto: Marcus Glahn)

Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha

A Baroque universe

Aside from several historical chambers and the Ekhof Theatre at Friedenstein Castle, the foundation manages an extraordinarily rich and diverse collection of artworks and cultural historic treasures, presented in three museums (the Castle Museum, Historic Museum and Museum of Nature). The completely renovated Ducal Museum with its unique art collections is situated at the southern end of the castle grounds.

The holdings are the product of centuries of meticulous collection practices by the former Ducal family – from the art cabinet to the natural history collection. The foundation enriches the cultural life in Gotha with top-class events, including the Ekhof Festival, the Baroque Festival and numerous programmes for children and young people.

The Baroque Universe of Gotha” comprises spacious parks, an extensive research library and the Thuringian State Archive, which are managed by other foundations and trusteeships.