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Eisleben Sterbehaus

Luther Memorials in Wittenberg

The places where the Reformer lived and worked

The legacy of Martin Luther is important to many people around the world. It is the task of the Luther Memorials Foundation in Saxony-Anhalt to preserve and present this legacy to future generations. It consists of five museums, Luther’s place of birth and death in Eisleben, Luther’s parents’ house in Mansfeld, as well as the Luther House and Melanchthon House in Wittenberg. These buildings in Wittenberg and Eisleben have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

One of the Foundation’s central tasks and priorities is to offer a broad array of presentations and educational projects on the history of the Reformation. To this end, its curators develop and organise new exhibitions and conferences, study the collection and publish their research findings. These multifaceted activities are supplemented by lectures, readings and guided tours through the exhibitions.
The most important task of the Foundation is maintaining and preserving the historical memorial sites of the Reformation in the Luther cities of Wittenberg, Eisleben and Mansfeld. It is responsible for managing the historic buildings, museums and collections and making them accessible to the public.

An additional focus of its activities involves cultural education measures. The Foundation has developed a variety of programmes at all five museums which offer children, adolescents and adults the chance to become better acquainted with the Reformation and its protagonists in a playful way.